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Social-Emotional Activities For Preschoolers At Home

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Social-emotional development is a fundamental aspect of the learning process, as it nurtures essential skills like communication, cooperation, emotional recognition, self-management, and behaviour control necessary for maintaining healthy relationships.

For Preschoolers, who are naturally curious about everything they see and hear, it is crucial to encourage activities that promote holistic development. By engaging in these, children can develop their social and emotional understanding effectively:

Group Activities:

Group play with toys and games can enhance problem-solving and manipulative skills in children. Both indoor and outdoor team games foster team spirit and a sense of togetherness. Games such as Cricket, Jump Rope, Ludo, and Castle/Fort building competitions are excellent options.


Engage children in emoji/expression games where they can mimic the emotions or actions shown on flashcards. By expressing themselves through these, children can build empathy, creativity, and teamwork.


Facilitate social interactions with other children to help them feel more relatable. Organise playdates and lunch parties at home, allowing your child to spend time with their friends or potential friends.

DIY Activities:

Encourage your child to create handmade gifts or cards for family members and friends, such as Happy Birthday cards, Get Well Soon cards, and Thank You cards.


Promote social-emotional learning by engaging in dramatic readings of relevant stories with puppets, sound effects, and animated movies like ‘Jungle Book.’

By incorporating these activities into your home routine, your child will develop a deeper understanding of their emotions, improve self-esteem, foster positive behaviours and habits, and cultivate consideration for others. Embrace and nurture your child’s emotional intelligence to help them become emotionally strong and empathetic.

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