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Families empowered




Cities covered


Team of professionals

About Mom’s Belief

Guided by evidence-based practices, Mom’s Belief empowers families with customised therapeutic programs and support for children dealing with autism & and other developmental delays.

Our Centres

Integrated Learning Centres, where children thrive in a supportive environment!

Our tailored approach is guided by experts in child psychology, speech, behaviour, occupational therapy and more.  Fostering holistic growth and nurturing every child's potential.

Our Services

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Adult Counselling
Special Education
Applied Behaviour Analysis
Language And Communication Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cochlear Implant
Articulation And Clarity Therapy
Behaviour Therapy
Childhood Disorders Assessment
Comprehensive Assessments
Sensory Integration Therapy
Child Counselling
School Readiness
Hearing Test
Specific Disorders Assesment
Early Intervention

Start Your Child’s Growth Journey

With Developmental Assessment

It’s paramount for understanding a child’s unique strengths and challenges. It’s pivotal for their holistic growth.
Detailed analysis reports unleash their full potential, fostering emotional, social, and academic excellence.

Your Child’s Therapy Roadmap & Key Players


Developmental Assessment

To analyze the child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses

Post developmental assessment, the therapists lead report creation followed by discussion with the parents for effective insights.


Report Generation & Discussion


Plan Customisation

Your dedicated clinician and therapists collaborate to customise therapy plans for your child's individual needs.

Parents, children, and therapists initiate therapy sessions together, fostering a supportive environment.


Report Generation & Discussion


Progress Tracking

Your dedicated clinician along with the clinical leadership monitor progress for comprehensive support.


Clinical Might

We envelop both child and family in a nurturing ecosystem, supported by empathetic experts and a caring community. With a holistic approach, we offer comprehensive support, understanding, and guidance, ensuring every family feels empowered, heard, and embraced on their journey toward holistic well-being and growth.

LEGO Foundation & FSP

Mom’s Belief in a proud partnership with

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We are dedicated to empowering families through a unique approach—Learning through Play. Our focus is on fostering holistic development, ensuring children thrive in an environment that celebrates the joy of learning


Family Support Program

Learning Through Play
Therapeutic Developmental LEGO Play Kit

Our Online Programs

Family Support Program

A customised intervention plan curated for the family and the child after detailed assessments. Doorstep delivery of Therapeutic Developmental LEGO play Kit along with expert sessions with parents

Early Intervention
Considered as the most crucial and smart stage of intervention as age 2-5 is the most flexible learning period for the brain.
Parental Guidance
The parenting journey is without any destination and there is no roadmap as well, do not hesitate to ask for help 🙂 Expert guidance goes a long way.
Speech Therapy
It’s the key to vocal adventures, fostering confidence, and painting a future where communication isa masterpiece, not a puzzle.
E-Learning Therapy
Tailored, flexible learning for children facing academic or learning challenges, providing structured support and personalised strategies for growth and success.
Occupational Therapy
For children is the colourful bridge between play and development, fostering skills for life’s masterpiece, making them independent.
Counselling Therapy
A safe space for individuals to explore emotions, gain insight, and develop coping strategies. It fosters personal growth, mental well-being, and healthy relationships, promoting overall life satisfaction.

Case Study of Child

“Disclaimer: Images in this case study do not depict a real child.”


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Step into Mom’s Belief Learning Centers, for top-tier therapy and counselling sessions meticulously designed for neurodivergent children and their families. Within each center, we’ve curated an exceptional team of psychologists boasting diverse expertise to ensure your child receives unparalleled support

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