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Mom’s Belief Supports Child Safety Week — Safeguard your child with Personal Safety.

Mom’s Belief Supports Child Safety Week Safeguard your child with Personal Safety.

Worried about your child’s personal safety in your absence?

We hear you!

Every child deserves to be safe and so, June 6th-12th marks the week of awareness of child’s protection and safety from unsafe situations and people, in India.

Mom’s Belief wants every parent or caregiver to feel confident in their ability to keep their children safe from harm, no matter where they are or who they’re with.

That’s why we’ve created the Personal Safety Program for parents and children of all ages and it’s available for just Rs. 499 ! ! !

SAFEGUARD your child everywhere.

It’s designed by eminent Psychologists for all children to help them learn about:

Private body parts

Types of touches and feeling associated with it

Safety measures

Personal Boundaries around strangers.

One of the most important things you as Parent will learn in this program is how to approach your kids about personal safety.

This means teaching them about different types of touches and how to respond if someone touches them inappropriately—for example, by saying “No” and running away from the person who is touching them inappropriately.

Benefits of Personal Safety Program —

  1. It reduces the likelihood of a child entering into an unsafe situation.
  2. Increases a child’s sense of confidence and makes them resilient in the process.
  3. Children are better prepared to call for help and report such incidents.
  4. They build stronger boundaries, especially around strangers and are better equipped to deal with unsafe situations.

Whether they’re playing on the street, at home, or being taken by someone known to an event, kids can be vulnerable to predators who seek out children for exploitation.

So this week, get more awareness and understanding on how to keep your child safe in different scenarios by joining our *Personal Safety 7 days Flagship Program* WhatsApp based Module @ Rs. 499 . We promise you are going to love the results you get with us.

Check it out & Register–

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