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Mom’s Belief: Early Childhood Psychologist Experts

Mom’s Belief Early Childhood Psychologist Experts

Mom’s Belief is India’s largest child development and health care centre and your parenting partner.

Why is Mom’s Belief Your Best Parenting Partner?

We know that you care for your child the most and want the best for them, but may not always know how to help. We bring together the best team of early childhood psychologists to work alongside parents just like you, guiding you every step of the way.

Mom’s Belief is a pioneer in the field of children with special needs. It has a team of experts ranging from speech therapists to occupational therapists to special educators to pediatric psychologists, dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential by enabling them to overcome their challenges!

We offer a wide range of children’s psychological services like consultation, training, therapy, and assessments under one roof at affordable prices:

  • Get an Expert Skill-Based Assessment – A child’s development can be followed by how they play, learn, speak, and behave. Get a complete developmental profile and map out your child’s developmental journey from the beginning with the help of a children’s psychologist. 
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) – The program consists of consultations with trained early childhood psychologists who recommend customised therapy plans for any motor (gross or fine motor) or sensory difficulties in children. 
  • Therapy for a Better Life – Mom’s Belief has special therapy programs such as Language and Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy for children with speech and language difficulties, sensory-motor difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome, and other neuro-developmental disabilities.

Parenting can be hard, especially if children struggle with a disability or a disorder. Mom’s Belief is here to make things better for you! Take the first step towards helping your child today!

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