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Can daily stress increase the risk of Cervical Cancer in you?

Can daily stress increase the risk of Cervical Cancer in you

Hi moms, did you know leading a stressful life may be harmful in many ways that you may not be aware of? It can affect your health as well as your child’s health.

Experts have found that Cervical Cancer is the second most common disease amongst women. And Daily Stress is possibly leading to it.

This Cervical Cancer Screening Awareness Day, Mom’s Belief wants to address the health of all the women living in stressful conditions and ways they can prevent the possibility of cervical cancer.

Let’s understand what cervical cancer is and how stress can be a leading factor in developing this type of cancer.

What is Cervical Cancer and the virus that causes it?
Cervical Cancer is the cancer of the cervix present below the uterus in women. It can be caused by a virus called HPV16 that impacts a person’s immune system.

Although recent findings suggest that HPV16 alone isn’t sufficient to cause cervical cancer and some women can easily beat this cancer as compared to others.

Then what can be another contributing reason for Cervical Cancer?


“Women experiencing stress in daily life are most likely to be at a high risk of developing cervical cancer.” – According to Dr. According to Dr Carolyn Fang, who led the study.

Perceived or Real Stress weakens your immune system that is usually at par with fighting germs and foreign viruses. This gives HPV16 virus a chance to attack your defense walls and make you weak against cancer causing agents.

What causes you stress?
Your child’s health and development responsibilities?
“I have a special needs child who requires special care and I’m the sole guardian responsible to reach for her appointments on time and get therapy. I work late nights as well to meet the needs of the family. It’s tough.” – Shreya

Work-Life Balance?
“Me and my husband are working and we have a child who has Autism. We try to be there for him as much as possible, but it’s tough when our child’s needs differ from the normal children. Work Life Balance is harder for us and we feel guilty for not doing enough.” – Anisha

Overwhelming daily events?
“My 5 year old has many behavioral issues like he gets angry very easily and doesn’t stop screaming or throwing things on the floor for a longer period of time. It can be too much sometimes.” – Revati

What can you do to Manage Stress and Prevent Cervical Cancer?
Most of you moms are already stressed about your children, spouse, work and your own health. You don’t need another reason on your plate, right?
So get medical tests done within the span of 6 months to rule out the possibility of Cervical Cancer. Don’t engage in smoking or toxic coping style during stress. Seek help!

Mom’s Belief wants to share your problems with you, so you can feel healthy & powerful from the inside. Get counseling sessions that will help you; deal with daily life stress, manage tasks effectively, and feel mentally and physically strong for yourself and your family.
Get healthy today! –

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