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5 Signs of Screen Addiction – Screen Addiction in Kids

5 Signs of Screen Addiction – Screen Addiction in Kids

Children can get addicted to phones, television, video games, and other gadgets early in life. Yes, Hear us out!

Technology isn’t all bad when used within a set limit but for connectivity, information, and entertainment. It makes kids smart. But, children’s lifestyle and dependence on screen time can be bad for their holistic development. How?

Children nowadays have access to all sorts of information that may not be necessarily good for them. This can affect their mindset, behaviour, and emotional growth. Watching tv while eating, lying in bed and using phones, or spending hours on video games with friends can affect their physical development, eyesight, sleeping patterns, moods, social interaction, and cognition.

According to a 2017 study, the amount of time a kid spends on a screen isn’t as important as their dependency on digital devices.

How to know if your child’s screen use is really a problem? Look for signs of addiction like:

  1. Screen Time is Their Mood Booster – If your child has a rough day, does he immediately plop onto the bed in front of the TV or use the phone to avoid reality and feel better? This could be the start of over-dependency.
  1. They Find it Hard to Control Their Screen Time – “Wherever we go, we find him glued to his gadgets, and if I take it away, he shows signs of irritability, persistence, or tries to use it in secret to avoid getting caught again.”
  1. Socially Withdrawn – “My kid doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around her. She doesn’t engage with anyone. She finds it hard to make friends or hold proper conversations and hides behind the screen to avoid social situations.”
  1. Looks Exhausted & Confused Most of the Time – Sleep issues are majorly connected to unrestricted screen use. This can mess up their sleep schedule and memory. If your kid daydreams a lot, finds it hard to remember things, and remains tired throughout the day, then we can say for sure that their sleep schedule is messed up.
  1. Dislikes/Avoids Other Activities – “My kid doesn’t go out with his friends, play or engage in physical activity. He keeps sitting in front of his laptop and playing video games. I can’t get him to listen to me.” That’s one of the signs of screen addiction in kids.

Take charge of your kids’ screen time to prevent screen addiction or get the best possible intervention to reduce this addiction. If your child shows signs of screen addiction, don’t worry! You can learn to improve their habits with Mom’s Belief 7 Days Flagship Screen Time Behavior Program –

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