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Mama Bear’s Guide to Self-Care: Recharge Your Roar

For Mama Bears nurturing neurodivergent children, self-care often resembles a juggling act rather than a day of pampering. The love bestowed upon your child knows no limits, yet it’s all too easy to become so engrossed that you overlook your own well-being.

Happy and healthy mothers are the heart of a joyful family!

So, embrace self-care without guilt, for in nurturing yourself, you nurture your motherhood.

Start Small, But Start Strong:

Don’t wait for a grand escape. A stolen moment of quiet amidst the chaos can be transformative. Wake up 15 minutes earlier for a cup of tea in silence or savour a long shower while your partner handles bedtime. Consider adding a DIY facial or a soothing body scrub to your pampering routine for an extra indulgent experience. These micro-moments of self-care add up, reminding you that you deserve a break.

Delegate Like a Boss:

Motherhood isn’t a solo act. Delegate tasks! Ask your partner to take over bath time, involve your child in age-appropriate chores, or consider hiring a babysitter for a few precious hours. Remember, a happy Mama Bear nurtures a happier family.

Connect with Nature:

Forget the crowded brunch and spend time outdoors connecting with the natural world. Find a local park, nature trail, or even your backyard. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Breathe deeply, feel the sun on your skin, and listen to the birdsong. Being in nature has a grounding effect and can help reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being. 

Nourish Your Body:

Sometimes, enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal that you don’t have to prepare yourself. Whether you dine out at your favourite restaurant or get home delivery from a local eatery, permit yourself to savour every bite without worrying about cooking or cleaning up afterwards.

Embrace the Power of “No”:

It’s okay to say no to extra commitments. Don’t feel obligated to attend a crowded brunch or host a family gathering. Prioritise your well-being.

Reconnect with Your Inner Child:

Remember the things that brought you joy before motherhood? Rekindle that spark! Dust off your art supplies, delve into a neglected hobby or curl up with a favourite childhood book. Make time for the things that light up your soul and make you feel alive!

Celebrate Your Victories: 

Motherhood is a journey filled with triumphs and challenges. Take time to acknowledge your successes, big or small. Did your child master a new skill? Did you navigate a challenging conversation with a teacher? Celebrate your victories, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

Make your own routine of relaxation & don’t forget to share it here for other mothers too 🙂


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